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Garage Remodeling Project in Campton Hills, IL

For many people, their garage is simply a place to park their car or store their lawnmowers. Little do they know, through garage remodeling projects, their garage can be so much more. A garage makeover can transform this neglected space into a comfortable and stylish workshop, home gym, or playroom for the kids. Not only will a garage makeover add value to your home, but it will also give you much-needed extra room to enjoy. If you are tired of tripping over boxes and bikes every time you try to park your car, then it’s time for a change. With a few simple improvements, your garage can be transformed into an organized and inviting space that you will actually want to spend time in.

Custom Garage Cabinets for Your Garage in Campton Hills, IL

The Slatwall doesn’t have to hold every item in the garage. You can keep useful items in your garage storage cabinets, such as:

  • Small tools and objects such as a screwdriver, measuring tape, stud finder, saw blade, work, gloves, and safety goggles
  • Garden types of equipment like an axe, garden gloves, and shovel
  • Trash cans and bins for recycling
  • Things of value that need to be locked up


Investing in a custom garage storage solution in Campton Hills, IL, is a good idea. In contrast to readymade shelves and storage cabinets from large stores, custom cabinets are an ideal option for your garage and look more attractive. High-quality materials and expertise provide a longer shelf life and seamless performance. In addition, you wouldn’t have to worry about shipping and delivery.

Garage remodeling


A garage cabinet is a built-to-order way to store things that are made to fit the needs of a homeowner. You can also add extra features and accessories to a garage cabinet and personalize it to your liking. A garage cabinet will usually have a toolbox, a workbench, and storage in the ceiling. Hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers, hammers, and nails are kept in the toolbox. The workbench has a flat surface that can be used to work on projects.

Custom garage cabinets are crucial if you want to make your garage feel more like a reflection of you. The flexibility to create the ideal cabinet system gets increased by the ability to personalize garage cabinets.

You can have the custom garage storage cabinets made to ensure you use them as effectively as possible. For example, if you have a hobby that requires a lot of tools, such as nails, screws, a toolbox, a power drill, a saw, and a hammer, you can store them in the lower and upper cabinets and drawers. So, these tools are always available. There are many unique options that you can incorporate along with custom garage cabinets, such as:

  • Power bars with USB port charging capabilities with an extension cord
  • Style options and color selections
  • Workbench and saw horses
  • TV cabinet closure
  • Sink units
  • Utility drawer organization bins for additional storage space
  • work light
  • Pot lighting and valance lighting
  • Designated areas to conceal trash and recycling bins.


The custom fit makes the most of the space that is there. Adding custom cabinets to unused corners of a garage makes it more useful. Installing garage ceiling racks is an option if you have unfinished, free walls in your garage. It optimizes your storage needs and improves the interior decor of the garage.

            Custom garage cabinets are an excellent method to make the most of the space you have and to become more organized. You will be able to ensure that the products you select are the ideal match for both your preferences and your requirements if you collaborate with a trained contractor. With a wide range of colors and designs to choose from, you can create a custom look that not only fits the design you want but everything from your boxes of holiday decorations to your sports gear. And because everything is designed to work together, you’ll be able to easily find what you’re looking for – no more rummaging around in search of that one elusive item. In addition, custom garage cabinets can be a great way to add value to your home. If you’re ever thinking about selling, potential buyers will appreciate the extra storage and organizational solutions that custom garage cabinets provide.

Garage Transformation with Epoxy Garage Floor in Campton Hills

Garage flooring solutions

When your garage flooring is unfinished and dirty, you might want to consider a garage transformation by having epoxy garage floors installed in Campton Hills.  An attractive floor can make a significant difference in how a garage area looks. You can choose a protective coating like an epoxy garage floor since it has a Polyaspartic chemical as an extra coating against all kinds of stains. An epoxy garage floor in Campton Hills, IL, makes cleaning simple and helps to maintain flooring. In addition, the value of your garage rises.

A garage floor with Polyaspartic coating provides the highest level of security as it is made with a durable type of material. You can apply it in less than a day, even in the winter. In Campton Hills, IL, epoxy garage floors can keep your garage flooring looking brand-new for many years because of their durability and strength.

Find The Best Epoxy Garage Floor Installer in Campton Hills, IL

Applying paint to unsightly garage flooring is like addressing only the symptoms rather than its underlying cause. It’s better to invest your money in epoxy garage floors and find the best epoxy garage floor installer in Campton Hills.

As was mentioned earlier, your best bet is to go with an epoxy garage floor that features a finish made of a Polyaspartic compound. When it comes to selecting stain and floor paint, you should avoid going with the less expensive options. These don’t offer much in the way of protection for the floor’s surface or coverage. The flooring will only receive a marginally improved appearance as a result of their installation.

Such epoxy coatings are very successful with homeowners in Campton Hills, IL. The outcome will be more pleasing, and the application will be seamless if you hire a pro to install it. If you handle the process on your own, the outcome might not be as great as you would hope.

Such a coating alternative is more expensive, but the outcome is of higher quality. These applications are frequently challenging to handle. Based on this, specialized tools, knowledge, and experience are required.

The following are some of the reasons why epoxy garage floors should be included in your garage transformation plan in Campton Hill, Illinois:

Concrete Protection

Hard cement floors quickly pick up dust and other contaminants, the surface is easily chipped, dented, or scratched, and the floor suffers damage or discoloration when it is exposed to chemicals, solvents, or harsh cleaning liquids. Concrete protection can help prevent these problems. The application of an epoxy coating will ensure that your garage floor retains its pristine appearance for many years.

Safety and Hygiene

Epoxy garage flooring in Campton Hills, Illinois, will make the area safer and reduce the risk of slipping and falling due to the even surface that is free of any dents or fissures. This will contribute to better indoor air quality. In addition, the use of epoxy will lessen the likelihood that harmful bacteria will accumulate, render the surface impervious to dust and allergens, and eliminate any opportunity for vermin and rodents to establish a breeding population.

Aesthetic Appeal

Epoxy garage floors in Campton Hills, IL provide a dramatic aesthetic value and will transform the look of a worn-out garage floor. High-quality epoxy flooring with a Polyaspartic topcoat from Fox Garage Solutions is available in multiple colors to go with the overall space interiors. Include epoxy flooring when you are considering a garage remodel in Campton Hills, IL.

Easy Maintenance

The highly durable and attractive-looking polyaspartic garage floor with an epoxy base coat from Fox Garage Solutions is simple to clean and simple to maintain. This feature contributes to the overall value of the product. It will not take in any moisture or water, and it will maintain its strength even in the event of an oil or chemical spill. Once a spill on an epoxy floor has been cleaned up, there will be no traces of the spill left behind, in contrast to concrete, which can get permanent oil stains.

Long-lasting Value

As long as you go with a Campton Hills, IL, epoxy garage floor from Fox Garage Solutions, you can be assured of the most durable product on the market because of its distinctive Polyaspartic topcoat. Unlike others who use epoxy for both the topcoat and base, Polyaspartic is a hybrid coating with corrosion resistance, versatility, and a glossy finish that lasts for years.

Fox Garage Solutions for Garage Remodeling Project in Campton Hills

Looking to install a garage floor epoxy or garage floor coating? Fox Garage Solutions are expert in garage floor epoxy. We are the best company for the job in Campton Hills. We have years of experience working with garages of all sizes, and we know how to properly apply epoxy and other floor coatings. We will help you choose the best garage floor coating for your needs and provide a high-quality installation.  There are many different types of garage floor coatings on the market, but epoxy is by far the most popular. Epoxy garage floor coatings are known for their durability and strength. Garage floors take a lot of abuse from vehicles, tools, and more. Over time, this can lead to cracks, chips, and other damage. But you need not worry about all this wear and tear, as we utilize the highest quality materials to ensure the durability of our projects. Your garage floor can be shielded from the deterioration caused by all of this wear and tear with a good garage floor coating installed by our skilled and professional crew.  In addition, we offer a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from, so you can customize the look of your garage to match your house. And once we’re finished, we’ll even apply a sealer to help protect the coating.

Fox Garage Solutions will help you choose the right epoxy garage floor coating for your needs and install it properly. You’ll be able to enjoy your new garage floor for years to come. Contact us today to get started!