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Garage organization systems are becoming an increasingly popular business as people strive to find ways to declutter and organize their homes. There are a variety of systems on the market, but one of the most popular is the garage organization system made by our company, Fox Garage Solutions, in North Aurora. This system is designed to help you keep your garage clean and organized. It includes a variety of different storage options, such as shelves, cabinets, and bins. You can also choose to add a workbench to the system, which can be very helpful if you like to do DIY projects or can be a great storage solution to store your hardware tools such as hammer, screwdriver, clamps, and vise. These garage storage systems can be personalized to match the color and paint of your doors, cabinets, ceilings, and shelves.  This will give your garage a more uniform and polished look. You can also add personal touches to your garage storage system by adding your favorite colors or patterns.

If a lack of organization system prevents your garage in North Aurora from fulfilling its primary purpose, perhaps now is the right time to invest in a garage organization project.  This will help to clear out the clutter and make better use of the space. By investing less than 10 dollars in your shelving units and storage containers, you can make a big difference in how your garage looks and functions. Plus, this can be a great way to show off your personality and style.  You can use your garage to store your car, your tools, and your other belongings. You can also use it to work on projects or to entertain guests. If you have a lot of stuff, you can even use your garage to sell some of your products. This is especially useful for people who have a lot of gear or who want to be able to store their belongings in a way that is out of the way and not taking up valuable floor space.

Perhaps it’s the right time to consider a garage storage upgrade with the installation of custom garage cabinets in North Aurora. Whatever your goals are, you can make your garage functional and attractive with these practical ideas for garage organization in North Aurora.


There are several reasons why it is a good investment to spend on a garage organization system in North Aurora. Read on to learn more.


Many garage walls and ceiling areas are underused, and that is why we need garage ceiling racks. Just using the space in your ceilings can provide you with plenty of extra storage. In any location in North Aurora, overhead garage ceiling racks can keep your garage’s flooring clear of junk. Also, you can store heavy goods on most of these racks due to their durable design. These racks come in numerous lengths and are also adjustable.

The following items are ideal for overhead garage storage:

  • Sports equipment
  • Patio Furniture
  • Storage containers for concealing clutter
  • Holiday decorations
  • Seasonal tires
garage Overhead solution


A decade ago, people felt that garage ceiling racks consisted of a DIY shelf installed on the wall or sliding skis mounted in the ceiling joists. Today’s homeowners in North Aurora can take advantage of products that make the most of garage ceiling space. Storage systems for garage ceilings come in many forms:

  • Storage Hoisting Systems – These storage solutions resemble rope or wire pulleys a lot. They often store just one item, yet they don’t use any platforms. Usually, these consist of such items as ladders, wheelbarrows, canoes, kayaks, and cargo boxes for car roofs.
  • Overhead Garage Cabinets Made from Heavy-Duty Materials – Due to their substantial weight, this storage option can let you store heavy items. Robust overhead garage cabinets in North Aurora can hold up to 600 lbs. of weight on average. Over-the-ceiling joists can support this type of rack storage, which also incorporates wire mesh platforms. Fastening it to a wall adds stability. You might look for durable models that are adjustable.
  • Overhead Storage Hangers – Yet another type of storage item created for specific things. These hangers, which include arms that support items like snowboards, skis, ladders, kayaks, and surfboards, are mounted on higher walls or ceilings.
  • Lift Racks Offering Movable Storage – These overhead garage cabinets have a metal platform that you can readily raise or lower using a wire hoisting system or rope pulley. You can use a motor or a hand crank to power this. Storage lift racks are available with scissor-style devices to raise them up or down.
  • Ceiling Mounted Storage Hooks – It’s the easiest and least expensive method for storing stuff on a garage ceiling and works great for hanging objects. All you need to do is screw hooks onto the ceiling joists. It is a pretty standard bike storage method that many North Aurora residents use.
  • Ceiling Mounted Tracks with Storage Bins – These plastic storage bins fixed on tracks or rail systems can readily slide inside or outside.


Considering the harsh conditions in the indoor garage environment in an average North Aurora home, you should avoid choosing cheap cabinets made from 100% particle board. One of the ideal choices could be Ultimate cabinets from Fox Garage Solutions, which are made from a combination of an engineering wood composite called MDF (medium density fiberboard) and particle board. Here are the key aspects to consider when you evaluate your options for a garage storage system in North Aurora.

Custom garage cabinet

Material Quality:

MDF has superior resilience against dirt, moisture, and fumes, and it works as a heavy-duty material that can last for years in the garage without requiring any special maintenance. The innovative sealing, along with an off-the-floor design, makes the Ultimate garage storage cabinets water-resistant. Built with industrial strength quality materials, Ultimate garage cabinets in North Aurora are CARB approved and come with a warranty from the company.


For the perfect garage organization in North Aurora, you need custom-designed cabinets to optimize storage. The team at Fox Garage Solutions includes designers with outstanding skills and design aesthetics. They will visit your garage and provide you complimentary 3-D design consultation to help you visualize how your finished garage will look after the installation. The cabinets will be crafted to match your unique organizational needs and personal style.


Before you undertake a garage makeover in North Aurora, you must assess the performance record and reputation of the cabinet maker. Fox Garage Solutions’ luxury garage cabinet line has been tried and tested for more than 14 years across North Aurora. Some of the cabinets are even handcrafted by seasoned carpenters. You can choose from countless options for color, size, and handle style. The cabinets are installed using either adjustable legs of stainless steel or wall-mounted to keep them away from the floor.

Multiple Options:

When planning a full or partial garage remodeling in North Aurora, you should have the flexibility to choose from multiple storage options. At Fox Garage Solutions, you will have storage solutions ranging from 2-door overhead garage cabinets to short drawers to full-wall garage workspaces. Apart from Ultimate cabinets, you can also choose from bestselling options in Starfire and Pro cabinet lines. With a number of styles, sizes, and configurations, you can get the right fit for your needs and your budget.

Specialist Company:

While considering a company for custom wall and overhead garage cabinets in North Aurora, make sure they have dedicated expertise, years of experience, and a strong market reputation. Fox Garage Solutions is solely focused on providing the most reliable and long-lasting garage storage solutions as well as epoxy garage floors in North Aurora. Deploying the latest technology and techniques, Fox Garage Solutions has emerged as a respected specialist for garage organization in North Aurora over the last 14 years.

Customer Service:

Trust and dependability are the most critical elements to look for in a company if you want to have complete peace of mind with your professional garage remodeling in North Aurora. Fox Garage Solutions has earned the love of its customers because of its culture of customer service. The company’s reviews on Google and Yelp are an indicator of the level of customer satisfaction it delivers in every project. The team at Fox Garage Solutions is accessible and happy to answer questions and provide a free, personalized 3-D design consultation.


A well-organized garage can make all the difference when it comes to working on projects around the house. With saws, hammers, screwdrivers, and other tools within easy reach, you can save valuable time by not having to search for the supplies you need. Fox garage solutions offer a complete system for organizing your garage, including sawhorses, workbenches, and saw blades. The workbench is ideal for sanding or painting, and the saw blade holder keeps your saw blades safe and organized. With Fox garage solutions, you can have the best-organized garage on the block.

If you are wondering where to get the best advice for garage organization ideas, talk to our design team at Fox Garage Solutions. We will update you about the latest market trends and explain how a quality garage upgrade in North Aurora with custom wall cabinets, ceiling storage cabinets, Slatwall systems, and epoxy garage floors can increase the value of your home. We can help you accomplish your garage remodeling in 3 easy steps:

Cabinets and slat wall
  • Step 1: Estimate and Scheduling: During the initial consultation and scheduling call, our knowledgeable and helpful customer service representative will answer any questions you have regarding pricing estimates and the most up-to-date storage solutions. These answers will vary depending on the size of your garage as well as the goals you have for your garage makeover.


  • Step 2: Complimentary Consultation on Design- Once you have set an appointment, one of our garage design specialists will pay you a visit to your home in order to offer you a complimentary consultation on the design of your new garage. Based on your input, the designer will, on the spot, share a 3D software design to give you a visualization of how your finished garage will look.


  • Step 3: Professional Installation Your North Aurora custom garage cabinets will be created according to the parameters you specified during the previous steps. If you want to have an epoxy garage floor installed in North Aurora, it will be done so before the cabinet installation. Once the flooring is cured and ready, our professional installation team will visit and install your brand-new garage storage system in a single day.

With our custom garage cabinets in North Aurora that come with a warranty and epoxy garage floors with a lifetime warranty – all built to last and installed by experienced professionals – you can finally have the garage you will be proud of. Give us a phone call to set up your free 3-D design consultation. We are available Mon to Fri from 8 to 5 pm, and we are happy to serve you in North Aurora and other areas.

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